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Welcome to DISTRICT OFFICE online

Alberta DISTRICT OFFICE online is a powerful online Human Resource Management (HRM) service designed and developed to facilitate the recruitment and selection of qualified individuals - Teachers, Leaders, Support Staff - to fill available positions (jobs) in Alberta K - 12 schools and school systems.

DISTRICT OFFICE online is much more than a job-posting board. The “DO it online” process has significant advantages over traditional recruitment and selection practices for both employers and employees. It can supplement and or replace existing advertising and application procedures for school authorities of all sizes and types. By combining the power of electronic data storage and modern communication technologies, DISTRICT OFFICE online addresses both recruitment and selection.
  • Employers post available positions (jobs) in three employment categories - teaching, leadership and support staff - to the DISTRICT OFFICE online database. Postings are displayed on the DISTRICT OFFICE online and typically incorporated directly into the school district website - eliminating posting duplication and ensuring maximum exposure.
  • Individuals interested in employment in our member jurisdictions develop a comprehensive Candidate File. There is NO CHARGE for developing a Candidate File and it can be used to apply for any posted position (within the specified employment category) with any member school authority.
Administrators in DISTRICT OFFICE online member jurisdictions have discovered that:
  • the clerical time associated with the receipt and management of paper applications is significantly reduced;
  • dependence on expensive newspaper advertising is decreased/eliminated;
  • administrator access to application information is easily facilitated;
  • electronic search capabilities make screening of applicants more efficient.
Prospective employees who use our services are able to:
  • create and maintain a current up-to-date electronic Candidate File;
  • use the database to search for available jobs;
  • use their Candidate File for multiple applications in any member organization;
  • apply for posted positions through either the DISTRICT OFFICE online; website or the school district website;
  • store their file for future use when they get hired.
To find out more about the features that are making DISTRICT OFFICE online the HRM choice of Alberta's educational community, check out the Key Features link in the General Information section of the HELP MENU.

Use the links in the TOP menu bar to access member modules and DISTRICT OFFICE online job postings.

What people tell us ...
  • Thanks for the email reminders about File Status.
    Scott (Teacher candidate)
  • I have had an account with you for over five years and have never had a problem.
    Jill (Teacher candidate)
  • I owe you a thanks for all the hard work to help me!
    Amy (Teacher candidate)
  • You're awesome!
    Diane (Administrator)
  • Your patience and skill has restored my faith!
    Audrey (Support Staff candidate)
  • District Office online has been so helpful! Anytime I have e-mailed or called your staff has been prompt in responding to my inquiries.
    Susan (Teacher candidate)
  • Thanks for your help! It makes it such a pleasure to use your system when you know that you have great support!
    Janet (Administrator)
  • I love the Hit Counter!
    Angie (Teacher candidate)
  • Scanning was a challenge but you were a great help. Thanks.
    William (Teacher candidate)
  • Thanks Rita - wow, such great service.
    Fran (Leadership candidate)
  • The help I received this year and last has been exceptional.
    Andrea (Teacher candidate)